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Generalization Reading Group

Caretaker: Gintare Karolina Dziugaite

The next reading group will take place on Wednesday, July 24 at 2.30pm in room 116.

Presenter: Anant Sahai

Topic and papers:

* (Hastie, Montanari, Rosset, Tibshirani) * (Muthukumar, Vodhahalli, Sahai) * (Bibas, Fogel, Feder) * (Belkin, Hsu, Xu) * (Bartlett, Long, Lugosi, Tsigler)

Past presentations

Date Speaker Topic and Related papers
June 10 Vitaly Feldman generalization bounds for uniformaly stable algorithms and Train faster, generalize better paper by Hardt et
June 19 Kiran Vodrahalli Resnets vs Kernels Allen-Zhu and Li
June 26 Quanquan Gu Inductive Bias of NTK Bietti and Mairal 2019
July 3 Yuandong Tian Luck Matters Tian et al. 2019
July 10 Colin Wei Data-dependent bounds Wei and Ma 2019 and Nagarajan and Kolter 2019

For the schedule, see this page. If you would like to give a talk, please add your name to any of the available time slots.

This google document will be used for taking notes on the discussed papers and tracking new research questions proposed during the meetings. Do not hesitate to update it and add comments.

For more and most recent information, please join #generalization slack channel.

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